We specialize in Custom App Development and use the Logica1 CX engine to integrate into your retail systems. 

Our custom Apps are designed for iPhone, Android smartphones, Tablets and custom Kiosks.

One of the biggest challenges of developing an App for your customers is integration into your existing sales systems. This is where Logica1 comes in. Our Logica1 CX engine is designed to easily connect your Custom Apps with any of your existing retail systems. This results in a consistent brand message for your customer’s experience. 


Remember when you used to be able to actually buy software? As a ISV looking for a solution to build your integrated mobile solutions on or as a company that is looking for rules engine that is flexible and scalabe and straightforward to work with, Logica1 is a great choice. In fact it is the only choice in the market.  Logica1 will reduce your risk and shorten your time to market and through our ISV Licensing Agreement, you can own your own IP. 

Use our API to integrate Logica1 into your applications or customize you own UI using our components. 


For the Game industry, Logica1 provides a one of a kind currency and reputation management engine that can be integrated into games to provide expereince, coins, badges and leadeboards. 

Logica1's  RESTful API provides access to gamificaton features and full access to the rules engine that has an exception degree of flexibility making it the perfect solution for adding into your game design.

Logica1 supports 3 categories of point that can be used in many ways including expereince points, in-game points and hard currency points. 

It also provides user management and reporting with full authentication support for Facebook, Google, Windows Live or direct local database signup. 

Finally, it will also allow you to include email and push notifications that can be customed to the user or user type. 


socilogica goes beyond the usual subscription or transaction based licensing and provides full Enterprise licensing and ISV pricing for development shops that want to use Logica1 to build their solution on. 

For large enterprises, we provide a license agreement that will provide the technology in the hands of your IT department and protect your IP assets and reduce the risk from both relying on third parties as well as the uncertainty associated with developing complex integrated solutions.