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What is the membership level limitation with Rewardlogic?

Rewardlogic has no limits in terms of how many membership levels you can create. In fact, you are able to create custom levels that give you the ability to further personalize your customer experience while keeping them at the same level.
For example: if you have a Gold membership level and you want to isolate your top 100 customers based on annual dollars spent and create custom items like rewards, event invitations, free gifts and special promotions, you can do this by creating a custom level.

I have multiple locations. Can you support them all in the same seamless interface?

We aim to make this experience as easy as possible for you. There is no limit to the number of locations you can have under the socilogica loyalty platform.

I have more than one point of sale in my retail network. Can socilogica support this?

Yes, we have multiple clients who have different retail POS systems and allow customers to share points and redeem points across all retail locations.

Can each of my locations have their own individual campaigns?

Yes, each location can have their separate campaigns.

Can my customers use their points and redeem rewards at any of my locations?

Yes, your customers can use their points and redeem rewards at any of your locations, or at select locations – it’s up to you.

I have an online store as well as a retail location. Can my online customers get the same rewards as my retail location customers?

Yes, we are able to integrate your program into your online store and unify the program so your customers receive a consistent and seamless experience online and at your retail locations. This is done through our Logica1 for Retail platform.

We are a large retail chain and require deep integration into our sales systems, can you provide this?

Yes, our Logica1 for Retail or our Logica1 Enterprise platform is perfect for this. All of our products can be tightly integrated into most existing sales and CRM systems.

We already have an App or have one in development. Can we integrate Rewardlogic into it?

Yes, this is a common theme. We have an API that integrates our rules engine and allows you to utilize all the same features that are available in Rewardlogic Apps and deliver them through your own Apps.

We are a game company and looking for an engine to handle game currencies, badges and leaderboards. How does Logica1 handle this?

Our Gamification API provides you with access to our game rules engine. Logica1 has 3 currency or point ‘types’: points 1, points 2 and experience points. You send in-game data to Logica1 and use this to create rewards, badges, leaderboards and also allow users to purchase points/coins through Logica1 that can be used to trade for virtual items like diamonds, coins and gear in your game. Logica1 is the perfect solution for you to add to your game portal website, integrating it directly into your game.

We are an Independent Software Developer Company and interested in adding Gamification or loyalty features to our core product. How does your ISV program work?

We offer white label solutions that allow you to embed our Logica1 engine into your software product and build a pricing plan customized for your business. Our ISV program allows ISV’s to license the Logica1 engine and embed it in their products and receive transactional volume license pricing.

How does your Enterprise Platform solution work?

For large clients, socilogica provides Enterprise licensing that gives you access to our entire platform deployed to your cloud infrastructure. We provide the consulting services to help you integrate this into your IT systems and the training necessary for your IT staff to maintain and extend the web services API. The licensing model provides you with the rights to maintain and use the product as long as you like with optional annual subscription pricing for software updates.

We have retail locations in numerous countries. How well does Logica1 scale and where is the data located?

Logica1 is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform with virtually unlimited scalability and regional data centers in major countries across the world. We deploy our web service in the regions being served or as close as possible to conform to data security requirements and to reduce network latency. See our security document for further details.

In what currency does socilogica invoice their clients?

Our prices are in the local currency where the product is being used. However, the exception is made for international locations, whereas the Head Office is billed in the currency they reside.

I have an existing rewards program. How do you ensure my customers are not disrupted and still maintain their existing points and rewards?

We deal with this concern on an everyday basis. We begin with an export list of your customers including existing points and any coupons that your customers currently have. We import this data for you and on the day you launch, your customers will get an email welcoming them to the new program with an account balance and all their existing coupons will be available to them. They will also be able to access their coupons and points online or through the Rewardlogic App (if you purchase the Rewardlogic App plan). We also aim to install seamlessly outside of operational retail hours to ensure that there is no disruption to you or your customers.

I need to get my program up in a hurry. How fast can you do this?

We have had situations where retailers have lost access to their existing rewards program provider and needed to get back up and running with us. We have launched retailers in as little as one day.

What is your cancellation/termination policy?

We have a 30 day cancellation policy. We ask that you notify us at least 30 days before terminating your program. Rewardlogic reporting can be used to easily export your customer information for future reference and record keeping.

What do you recommend in terms of lead time to launch a new program or migrate from an existing program?

If you already have a program and know how you want your system designed, 1 week is plenty of time. If this is your first program we recommend 2 weeks. This will give you time to make decisions on how your program will be configured, to prepare your staff and for us to setup your program and get live data flowing from your POS system. It will give you time to see the effects your live data has on the program configuration and adjust and refine your campaign rules. Overall only a handful of hours is required to be fully prepared for your launch. Most of our clients choose to train only one or two staff members as Rewardlogic is very easy to use and front line staff do not require more than a few minutes training.

My retail locations experience high turnover as we have seasonal peaks. How can I train my staff, whether it is one new staff member or ten?

For front line staff, our technology is simple and intuitive. We recommend that they are directed to socilogica’s University youtube page, whereas we are updating with training videos regularly as well as the FAQ page on this website. Additionally, some of our clients like a personalized training session in which we can do for you in as little as one week lead time. For executive, management or system admin staff members, we recommend personalized training sessions.

How soon will my customers receive points and campaign communications after they have made a purchase?

Most of our retail clients have their systems set to update every 5 minutes. This means your customers will receive their points, rewards, email or push notifications in anywhere from 1 second to 5 minutes depending on where the system is in the update cycle. This can be adjusted to anywhere from 1 minute to 1 day or longer. If you have purchased Rewardlogic Beacons, the customer will receive any campaign rules that have been setup to work with Beacons the moment they are within range of a beacon, provided they are using Rewardlogic Apps.

Are there other solutions that can give me all the features that you provide and if so why should I choose socilogica?

Some of our competitors are trying to make it look like they have the same technology and feature as we have. They have even gone as far as setting up websites to redirect retailers looking for our products to their site, but don’t be fooled. Most of these companies built their products over 10 years ago, and in the IT world, that is a long time ago. They try and add new technology to their old systems and make it sound like they are on the cutting edge when in fact their products are not reliable, do not do as they claim and are expensive to maintain. We are the only solution in the industry that has all of the combined features listed on our website and the only one that has built our platform on the latest cloud technologies using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud web and data services, Google 2-Step Verification and the latest RESTful architecture to ensure the most reliable, responsive, scalable and long term solution to meet your business needs. Combine this with our industry leading customer support and you can be confident that you have made the right choice.